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Winter 2005 Schedule

From Image to Image

Saturday, January 29, 9-12. Fee: $30

Pamela Swing, Instructor

Where does the impulse to express ourselves through words and imagery come from? Photographer Pam Swing will lead the participants in meditations and writing exercises that draw their inspiration from images of nature, and provide an opportunity to explore pathways into their own inner landscape.

Putting the Melody into Lyrical Poetry Saturday, March 19, with Dillon Bustin

In the Romantic Movement, poets were intrigued with the idea that in the ancient world poetry was sung to instrumental accompaniment, especially to a lyre, or lap harp. Lyrical poetry in the nineteenth century was an attempt to emulate the feel of sung verses, and poets turned not to opera or art song for inspiration, but rather to folk songs and street ballads. The stanzas and refrains of popular songs provided lessons in how to compose verses with rhythm and rhyme that could be easily memorized and repeated orally. Many poems of the period, such as Emerson's famous "Concord Hymn," were intended to be sung at public events.

Workshop, 2-4
Fee: $25

In this workshop, Dillon Bustin will demonstrate how he has closed the circle with musical settings of pieces by Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, Louisa May Alcott, Henry David Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. He will also show how the lyrical sensibility led to the singer/songwriter phenomenon in the twentieth century, and how such techniques can be applied to blank verse and passages of prose.

Evening Concert, 8:00
Fee: $10

Dillon Bustin will perform his musical settings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and others.


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