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Joining the Concord Poetry Center On-Line Community


(NOTE: Your purpose is only to join the CPC forum community. Ignore everything that comes up on the screen that we do not mention in the following instructions. You can explore other options and other communities at some other time.)

>> CLK

If you do not have an ezBoard account >> CLK "Register your FREE account" >> FILL IN the form >> CLK "Register My Global Account" >> WAIT for confirmation e-mail and then >> CLK appropriate link in that e-mail. You will receive immediate confirmation of your account.


You now have an ezBoard account, so >> CLK "login"

If you are already logged in you will be taken directly to your Control Center page. >> SKIP TO B, below.

If you are not logged in, you will be taken to a login page. >> ENTER your username and password. >> CLK "login" and you will then be taken to your Control Center page. >> SKIP TO B.


The Control Center page is labeled as such at the top with your user name just below the bar.

Toward the lower left >> FIND "Quick Jump - Enter a Web/ID" >> ENTER bconcordpoetrycenter >> CLK "jump" A dialog box comes up >> CLK "Apply For Membership" You will see an acknowledgement of your application. Now E-mail the Director at (or make a phone call) to notify her of your application and your user name.

When access has been granted -- within 24 hours we hope -- you will be a Moderator, and able to read and post in all forums. You will also be able to start and edit topics within forums. There is a forum named for each working group. Additional forums may be set up from time to time.

And you can CLK the chat room link "Join Live Chat" to have an on-line meeting with other Concord Poetry Center Community members at prearranged times or whenever you see that someone is present.

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