Betsyann Duval's gift as a poetry coach, is her ability to work intimately with each poet to find the layers of meaning, often hidden deep within the words. "Working with Betsyann helped me see layers in my work, of which I was only peripherally aware, " said Joan Houlihan. "Her coaching has given me new insight into my work and the confidence to present it effectively."Betsyann takes delight in helping her clients draw the drama and nuance from their work. Through her intensive reading sessions, they gain the confidence necessary to deliver powerful, confident performances.

Betsy studied theatre at the University of Michigan, where she worked with the APA founded by Ellis Rabb and Rosemary Harris. She has directed and performed theatrical and artistic works in both the U.S. and London. She ran an advertising, marketing and public relations firm for many years where she coached senior executives in the delivery of speeches, presentations, and media interviews. Currently she works with many poets in the Boston area to hone their performance skills.

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