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Who We Are

The Concord Poetry Center is a non-academically-affiliated center for poets in the Boston area. Founded in March of 2004, we are one of only a handful of community-based centers in the United States devoted solely to the craft and celebration of the poetic form. We offer the Boston area community a home where the public can come to write, read, listen to, and learn about an art form that continues to engage and intrigue. Readers of poetry can use our lending library, attend lectures and public readings by some of the most renowned poets of our time, including former Poet Laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners. Poets, young and emerging, as well as many who are published and teaching, find a home here where they can collaborate and develop skills through craft workshops, seminars and community readings.

As one of the true geographic centers of American writing, we see Concord as an ideal location to support and nurture the many contemporary poets who reside and work in the surrounding Boston area. Located at 40 Stow Street in Concord, Massachusetts, in a building controlled by the Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts, we provide a library/workshop room with a larger adjacent public reading/performance space. The building also offers a large auditorium which we use for big events, and the entire space is handicap accessible. The Concord Poetry Center is run by the Director, Joan Houlihan, and a team of volunteer members.

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